Posted December 11, 2008 in News

Straight Pride Parade?

We wanted to commend you for you’re “A Rainbow in the Dark” cover story [vol. 3, iss. 35]. A lot of us felt violated with the passing of Prop 8, but it’s true that as a community—both gay and straight—we’ve came together and realized that there’s a lot of thoughtful people in the Inland Empire who are fighting for the same thing. We’ve personally made dozens of new friends over the last few months, and it was nice to see that your publication picked up on that trend. Well done. 

–Kate and Savannah, Riverside 


Bring Back the Cameltoe

Hey, when did you guys dumb down your adult section at the back of the book? Didn’t there used to be girls in lingerie and straddling things? Now it’s a bunch of head shots. I do enjoy the Spearmint Rhino coupons, so I’ll let you off the hook. Just didn’t want to see this rag go the way of the Pressed (and Starched) Enterprise.

–Jason Tobias, Upland




You guys will burn in hell. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Why not just put the devil on your cover each week, and admit your alliance. People say supporters of Prop 8 are ignorant. We’ll take that ahead of being immoral.

–Steve D., Norco


Steve D.,

We actually had a concept worked out to put the Beelzebub on every cover, but somebody beat us to the punch. Pick up O magazine and see what we mean.









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