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Dear IE Weekly,

Thank you for the article on Bill Hedrick’s proletariat efforts to beat Ken Calvert [vol. 3, iss. 34]; I personally thought it was astounding that Calvert didn’t deign to campaign, and it damn near bit him in the ass. Here’s a prediction for two years from now: Ken Calvert campaigns against Hedrick—and, even though he does, he loses. It’s as much a hope as it is a prediction, which are interchangeable for the emotionally charged.

–Timothy Wilson, Riverside



You’re one of an avalanche of people—perhaps half a dozen—who wrote in regarding Hedrick getting a nice head of steam for next time through against Calvert. Let’s chat again in about 700 days and see where we stand, cool? I am sure there will be an updated laundry list of miscreant behavior involving the Jolly Fox, which, ironically, makes him an indefatigable favorite to win the whole goddamn thing again. 


Dear IE Weekly,

What did you do, break out the Ouija board to get Lester Bangs back on the scene? The Sleeping Sea King cover story [vol. 3, iss. 33] was pretty refreshing little blend of skepticism, information and history, which I thought was much better than the usual crap you cover. Keep that writer working. 

–Devon, Redlands



The writer, Hans Fink, will never wear bong stains on his shirt the way Bangs did, and he’s weary of mixing pharmacies with booze. Otherwise, yeah, they share auras. Sure.










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