How the Grouch Stole XMAS!

Posted December 18, 2008 in

The underground hip-hop scene in Los Angeles is a strange beast. It’s been madly praised by all angles of the press, attracts followers to shows as if they’re about to witness the second coming of Christ, all the while earning its praise laying down a refreshingly intelligent, credible art form. Furthermore, LA’s scene has various factions, splinters and permutations—which spells diversity. It’s doubtful that Portland or Albuquerque could make similar claims. But for all the palm-tree lined machine’s been churning out over the past decade-plus, some of our area’s more prominent players have fallen on primarily deaf ears and dead air when it comes to commercial video and radio rotations. There have been a few lucky strikes along the mainstream route (Dilated, Jurassic, and more recently with the Living Legends’ MURS), but, as former L.A. underground hip-hop troupe-turned-pop group Black Eyed Peas once said in their Top Ten hit (with Timberlake in tow, mind you), “Where is the love?” 


Well, we’re hoping we’ll find some of it in the Inland Empire, as the Grouch (also of the Living Legends crew) headlines the Glass House for a ripe-for-the-season tour dubbed none other than “How the Grouch Stole Xmas!” Though raised in Oakland and currently residing in Hawaii, the Grouch’s many years in Los Angeles have solidified his roots in SoCal forever. We’ve seen the rhyme ruler in action on stage before—in fact, with Legends co-conspirator Eligh, who’s also packaged on the bill, amongst other talents—and if his fiery presence of quick-witted pristine phrasing and slinky delivery invades the stage at this event, such holiday theft won’t lead to handcuffs here, just hands in the air. We’ve shown our love for the scene this season, won’t you show yours? (Waleed Rashidi) 


How the Grouch Stole XMAS! With Grouch, Eligh, The Bayliens, Afro Classics, Paul Dateh, All City Alliance at the Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; Tues., Dec. 23, 7PM, $18



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