Norco Horsetown Parade of Lights and Winter Festival

Posted December 3, 2008 in

For lots of people, the holidays are a time for children, family, and all things traditional. If that’s you, then you’re certainly not trekking to LA this weekend for BUST magazine’s Craftacular fair or the Dolph Lungren Swedish Christmas Fair, no. You will just settle yourself down in the eastern wing of the IE at the 4th Annual Norco Horsetown Parade of Lights and Winter Festival. Yes you will!


After all, what could be more homey that a horsetown parade? I can almost see Laura Ingalls now, throwing snowballs at Nellie and Willie, Mrs. Oleson squawking in the background, and Charles and Caroline all teary-eyed as Mary wins a pie-baking contest and Carrie, well, what did Carrie do except fall down on that prairie. Anyone?


Of course, Norco isn’t exactly Walnut Grove, but you’d have to travel to way snowier and barren parts to get that nowadays. Instead, at Norco’s local shindig, you can ooh and aah over a parade with competing, über-lit floats, marvel at fine studs and mares prancing alongside, gasp as drill teams and color guards throw things into the air and catch them, bop along to marching bands, fawn over majorettes—and shriek over clowns. That last one might just be a personal issue. 


There will also be snowplay, as they say, live entertainment, food and a photo op with Kris Kringle himself! Even Harriet Oleson couldn’t get the real Santa into her general store remember—just old, smelly Mr. Edwards with a mouthful of cotton—so head on over to what’s sure to be the kickoff party to your Christmas spirit. Or at least an appropriate excuse to indulge in spirits of any kind. (Stacy Davies) 


City of Norco’s 4th annual Horsetown Parade of Lights and Winter Festival, 6th St., Norco. Sat., Dec. 6; 5PM. For more info: (951) 270-5632. Free



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