A day spent fishing at Corona Lake

Posted January 21, 2009 in Feature Story

The rainbow trout at Corona Lake spend more time in the hatchery and on your plate than they do in the body of water itself; it’s that kind of guaranteed transference. But hey, it beats the hell out of ice fishing on Red Feathers with the lashing winds of hell. Each cast into this “heaviest stocked” lake has potential for a hit, even if you’re trying for the sturgeon, the catfish, the tilapia or the largemouth bass, which are fun to hold up with your fingers pinched in the mouth (just like Babe Winkelman). Bag limits are five for any combo of trout/catfish/bass/tilapia; ten for crappie, and unlimited for carp and bluegill (at your own risk). Sturgeon and wipers must be released. If you’ve got a squirt who wants to get his line wet for the first time, check out the Huckleberry Pond at the Santa Ana River Lakes, where the ‘bows are dumb, dumb, dumb (and hungry). (Rondo Sota)


Corona Lake, off I-15 at Indian Truck Trail (follow the signs), Corona, (951) 277-4489; Day fishing, 6AM–4PM; Night fishing 5PM–11PM; 24-hour pass Fri. and Sat., 5PM-4PM; $22 for adults (13-61), $9 for children (4-12), $20 for senior citizens (62 and up), $60 for 24-hour weekend pass



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