Cheap holes at Fairmont Park Golfing

Posted January 21, 2009 in Feature Story

The golf course at Fairmount Park in Riverside reminds absolutely no one of Pebble Beach—this is nine mulligan-free holes, straight with very little oomph to it, and during the summer months parts of the fairways of sun-baked bermuda grass look like the lawn of a foreclosed home. Yet the little golf course here, which opened in 1936, might just be one of the most enjoyable places to play golf these days. Mostly because it’s cheap. At $23 smacks a pop on the weekends and $19 on the weekdays you’re doing alright in a game known for profligacy and elitism. Especially since this is a nine-hole course that plays long, with maddeningly straight and long fairways that challenge you to put the wallop on the ball. Just like the Van Nuys course out in the San Fernando Valley, this place is chill—more guts and twelve packs than sweaters and Chardonnay. This is a great place for beginners to learn the game. (Bill Gerdes)


Fairmount Park Golf Course, 2681 Dexter Drive Riverside, (951) 682-2202


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