Stress relief at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Posted January 21, 2009 in Feature Story

Some people might blanch at the idea of going to a spa in these rather dreadful economic times . . . but Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona is not only puzzlingly affordable but also an amazingly chill way to spend a winter’s day. (Especially if you take the day off work from the job you may lose anyway). Twenty-five lowly ducats gets you full use of the spa, including all the pools—like the saline pool (it’s salty)—the lounge pools, and the lap pools. If you can afford to splurge a little more you can treat yourself to one or more of the massage options Glen Ivy offers, including the Mommy-To-Be version, and the couple massage for the inherently jealous or clingy. Tough times demand pampering too. (Bill Gerdes)


Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, 2500 Glen Ivy Rd., Corona, (888) 453-6489; Cool Season, 9:30AM–5PM; Spa Usage, $25; Massages, $80–$155



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