Taking a tumble down the Alpine Slide in Big Bear

Posted January 21, 2009 in Feature Story

Snowboarding, when performed by graceful powderbuffs, can look easy. But by the time you’ve bought the gear and the lift ticket and have learned the simple shit—like how to turn—you may feel as if this isn’t just for you, even though you have a mad crush on snow and cold. Enter the Alpine Slide in Big Bear, a place where you can have fun with practically no skill level at all. If you’re feeling quasi-Olympic you can try out there mini bobsled run, a quarter-mile track where the thrill of shooting down a canalized concrete structure at warp speed fetches a little adrenaline. Or if that’s a tad too, um, athletic, head toward the snow play area where you can spend the entire day sliding down hills all packed with fresh (manufactured) snow. It’s fun for even the lamest member of your family. (Bill Gerdes)


Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, 800 Wildrose Lane Big Bear Lake, (909) 866-4626; alplineslide@charter.net; 1 Slide, $4.00; 5 Ride Pass, $18.00. Snow Hills, $ 25.00 per person; $15.00 a night session



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