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MEMBERS: V-Fatal (bass, vocals); Donny Distraught (vocals, guitar); Mo Joel Fixen (guitar, vocals); Bad Kid (drums), Kid (Marosis) Ventura (lead guitar, vocals)
RECENT RELEASE: Infant Envy (2008), self-released (“If you want to sign us hit us up!”)
KINDRED SPIRITS: Imagine if the original Nardcore bands (Ill Repute, early NOFX, etc.) hailed from the Moreno Valley. We’re talkin’ seriously classic mid-‘80s original skate-or-die punk rock.

If you can’t judge a band by its looks, empty bottle count or number of keyboard players, then you sure as hell can at least judge ‘em by their song titles, right?


For example, let’s take Hemet-based The Walking Toxins’ repertoire. With a set list featuring cuts like “When I’m Bored, It Sucks” (that’s pretty self-explanatory), “Poop On People We Hate” (another fairly self-explanatory title), “Danny Bonaduce” (yes, a track composed about the man you probably dug way back when, who has since hit the airwaves as a radio show host and forever skewed your view of VH1), plus the minute-and-a-half long dirge of “Homeless, Jobless” (perfect for our hellish, recessionary times), it’s almost a no-brainer why we christened these guys as one of the most talented acts to play at a battle-of-the-bands contest just over a year ago. Here’s a big thumbs up for their band’s moniker, too.


Having started in 2005, the Walking Toxins are still trudging ahead, lining up respectable punk shows around the IE, plus stints in Colorado, Hawaii and Las Vegas. They’re a committed (and experienced) bunch of not-so-new-school punks, even lending a hand to charitable causes, including the Exceptionally Excited Kids and Friends organization.


Catch a glimpse of the Toxins’ latest release, Infant Envy, which features much of the aforementioned sing-songery, and you’ll understand just where they’re coming from. “Our songs are about having fun and telling the truth about our world,” says bassist V-Fatal. “We don’t beat around the bush with lovey dovey stuff.”


And what about that much lauded band name? There ain’t much beating ‘round the bush there, either. “Everyone in the world is a walking toxin,” says V-Fatal. “We are filled with toxins, so therefore, we are The Walking Toxins.” Yes, my friends, you can be known as a Walking Toxin, too. Because you are! You are.

–Waleed Rashidi


The Walking Toxins, D.I., Anti-Social, Duct Tape Hostage at the The Castle, 287 W. La Cadena Dr., Riverside, (951) 683-7579, Sat., Jan. 17, 7PM



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