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There’s a reason Los Angeles looks at the Inbred Empire as Dirt People, you know. Why even give a platform for dirt bike enthusiasts and off-roading pukes [“Off-Road Off Limits,” vol. 3 iss. 42] when a new wildlife habitat is necessary in the Twentynine Palms area? There’s a ton of desert to dick around on four-wheelers, but to designate an area that could be maintained and help create an ecosystem for birds, animals and desert flora seems to me a little bigger in scope that ruining some idiot’s dirt bike weekend. You are a region of buffoons, and your paper doesn’t try to change the fact. Idiots.

–Sean Lincoln, Santa Monica


The article you’re referring to was more about people’s rights than it was about siding with either party. Do off-roaders not have the right to protest when something familiar to them is being taken away? Thanks for the letter, though—it’s warming to think of a dirt-free humanity with the right kind of objectivity. And you’re right, we’d be better off generalizing the character of four million people in hopes of debuffooning those who need it. Oh wait, there’s one.


Winter Guide Flub-a-Dub-Dub

Hey, how come you guys do a whole Winter Guide and don’t mention places to go off-roading? In the future, please consider doing a map of off-roading sites, as that’s one of my favorite things to do during the “colder” months. Out!

–Sammy D., Hemet


You must be part of the strange flora they’re growing up there in the high desert, but we will take note to do that. By the by, don’t take your ATV to the Twentynine Palms training center, nor Santa Monica, where they’ll scrub you to the marrows. 


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