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Talcey Terrace Street Blues

You know, I read your cover story this week [“Keeping a Low Profile,” vol. 3, iss. 41] and I have to say—Riverside Five-O harasses black, white, green, yellow, plaid and rainbow colored people, not just blacks. I’ve been messed with on more than one occasion, and often without explanation, and I’m white. For an LAPD officer to sue the RPD for $5 million bucks is some sick John Grisham shit. Even still, part of me hopes Guillary takes them to task for whatever amount, because that’s one force that needs an eye-opener. Peace!

–Anthony G., Riverside


Show Me the Money

Question: How does a cop afford a $1.3 million home? LAPD must pay their sergeants well.

–Dan McCracken


It’s just a hunch, but our guess is that, even though the LAPD pays adequately enough, that the settlements—which add up to $330,000—might have more to do with it. 


What’s Up With Philly?

I went to Backwoods BBQ in Corona after your glowing review of it and had a similar experience with the barbecue; that’s good sausage and brisket. I went there on a Sunday, and the Eagles were playing the Cardinals in the NFC championship, and there were a lot of Eagles fans there and Eagles jerseys on the wall. Is it owned by an Eagle or something?

–Dave Tormer, Corona


That’s because the long-snapper for the Eagles, Jon Dorenbos, has interest in the restaurant. His father is one of the owners, and his jersey is on the wall. He performs magic there during the off-season (which, unfortunately for the Eagles, is already here).



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