Posted January 15, 2009 in News

Good ol’ Twang

I saw the issue you did on the Folk Music Center [vol. 3, iss. 40 “Wild Roots Chase”] and wasn’t surprised that it’s been around for 50 year. I bought a Takamine acoustic at the Folk Music Center a few years ago and the people working there were very knowledgeable about the sounds I could get out of that. If I hadn’t had that guidance, I might have shelled out for a damn Lerrivee guitar made from that red Canadian wood, and that would have been a huge mistake. Anyway, good looking out.

–Tommy Apodaca, Claremont


Smoke the Bowl

What difference does it make it Riverside County has to come to the rescue of the Ramona Bowl [“Bowling For Dollars,” vol. 3, iss. 40]? The point is they are. That’s a play that’s been going on since I was a boy growing up in Hemet and it would be a travesty for somebody not to do something to keep it running. Besides, it could use a facelift, one that Ramona officials couldn’t do on their own. I say, kudos to Riverside County and the Economic Development Agency.

–Michael Jazo, Hemet


Reading Between the Lines

How could Amy Nicholson not like The Reader? Kate Winslett [sic] turns in one of the best performances in recent memory, the story is remarkable, the direction was great, bigger and more reputed publications loved it—what, are IE Weekly standards just that high that you can’t recognize art? You guys are complete jackasses.

–B. Steinmeyer, Mira Loma



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