Posted January 7, 2009 in News

Gordon Gekko Be Damned!

My thanks for your brave, revealing as well as very timely article on greed [“Greed,” vol. 3, iss. 39]. It is ultimately the cause of this and all other economic turmoil. And the rest of the title—”Losing Faith”—certainly hits at the heart of the problem when it comes to greed in this society. It goes back to the Calvinist Puritans which were essentially religious nutjobs that literally believed (and their Evangelical descendants still do) that “greed is good.” This goes a long way to explaining why capitalism, especially if it’s unregulated, is regarded as “sacred” as God himself in this society. Bush and the Republican Party that have been pushing the “free market/free trade” envelope so hard all these years (from Reagan onwards), get much of their support from radical Protestant, evangelical Christians that believe in the “greed is good” Calvinist/Protestant “Ethic.”

–C. Ellis


Once the IE, Always the IE

Your article “The Pharaoh’s Den Closing Its Doors?” made me mad as hell. Every time a little bit of culture is introduced into Riverside it is shut down for one reason or another, or it folds because people have learned to not grow overly fond of it. Can you imagine if Los Angeles closed down its clubs just because it feels slighted that nobody told them about the party? It sickens me, and it’s why I am moving some place more aware of its public.

–Dave Herrera, Riverside


Frankly, It’s Franko

Kudos to Allen David for throwing the P-E’s Vanessa “Rockwell” Franko under the bus these past few weeks in the Rundown. That’s the laziest third-grade schmaltz to ever be printed, and now I have a reason to laugh a little more. 

–Nitro Nick, Diamond Bar



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