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For most people, Art Garfunkel needs no introduction—they at least think of him as the taller half of the Simon and Garfunkel dynamic singing/songwriting duo (a team that was together for only five years, yet produced some of the most enduring songs of our modern age). Paul Simon always got more attention, of course: he was cuter, more personable on stage, and wrote all of the songs. In the late ’80s, Simon even wooed the younger generation with his “You Can Call Me Al” single (featuring Chevy Chase lip-syncing in the music video) and swiped emerging ’90s bohemian Edie Brickell from the clutches of stardom—and made her a housefrau (boo!). 


But there are others of us who remember Garfunkel giving a terrific sad-sack performance in Mike Nichols’ emotionally charged 1971 film, Carnal Knowledge (getting a Golden Globe nom and winning Candace Bergen away from Jack Nicholson—who ended up with Ann-Margret, so we’ll call it even); he also had a string of top 40 hits on his own, and his delicate, haunting vocals are what made “Scarborough Fair” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” international sensations. (Big props as well for his gorgeous 1978 UK hit, “Bright Eyes,” featured in the animated film, Watership Down). 


In 2003, Garfunkel released another solo album after a dry spell, this time of mostly self-penned material based on his poems, and the tour that followed (which I saw) proved to critics and fans alike that he not only still had “it,” but is a charming and though-provoking entertainer. If you missed those shows, don’t miss this one—an evening with Art Garfunkel is magic you’ll never forget. (Stacy Davies)


Art Garfunkel at the Lewis Family Playhouse, Victoria Gardens Cultural Center, 12505 Cultural Center Dr., Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 477-2752; Sat. Jan. 10, 8PM; $86.50


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