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Posted January 29, 2009 in

We’re not entirely sure what Michelle Armstrong’s obsession is with fresh fruits. Her first album, recorded in North Carolina and released in 2006, was dubbed Lemons. Last year brought us album number two, a 13-track self-released affair cut in Southern California titled Apples. (And if she’ll permit us the extravagance to suggest a title for the third, howza about Persimmons?) Perhaps Armstrong spent her more formative years hanging in the produce section of a grocery store, but she gets herself all in a rough about the fact that someone “never fresh squeeze anything” in her song, “Take It Or Leave.” Whatever the case is, we’re proud to report that it’s a homecoming show of sorts for Armstrong this weekend. The now East Coast-based 25-year-old bounced out to the Big Apple a few years ago—which is fitting, when you think about it—but she’s returning to her original stomping grounds in the Inland Empire to give an intimate performance at the Press in Claremont. She will be flanked, as her website reports, by a “kick ass band” and she’ll be performing both new tunes and old. Her songs? Smooth enough to be accompanied by sips of a Strawberry Wave from Juice It Up! or textural enough to complement a tall glass of apple cider. And her voice? Akin to cherry pie. Add all it up and her Inland fan club are sure to go bananas this weekend. (George Donovan)


Michelle Armstrong at the Press Restaurant, 129 Harvard Ave., Claremont, (909) 625.4808; www.thepressrestaurant.com. Sat., Jan. 31, 10PM. Free (as always!)


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