Hiking is For Lovers

Posted February 12, 2009 in Feature Story

If you’re not the type who’s going to spend loads of money setting up a romantic evening in your parent’s living room, you should think about going hiking in Mt Baldy. It’s a great alternative for morning activities. Think about it, breakfast gives most people stomach aches, and exercise is nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac. Baldy’s best hike is the “Ice House” trail. Up near the switchbacks is a parking lot where you can park your vehicle and find the trail. The trail itself is pretty easy-going, so don’t worry about bringing your Bear Grylls survivor guide—but it’s always smart to wear proper shoes and to bring a bottle of water.  Things are quite scenic up there, with tons of foliage, wildlife, and a large stream. Pack a lunch or a picnic, as there are open areas near the stream to sit down and enjoy the slowness of nature. Make sure and look for the Mt. Baldy Historic Schoolhouse on the way up the mountain to purchase a $5 National Adventure for parking. (Nicholas Giunta)


The Ice House Trail on North Mt. Baldy Road, Mt. Baldy Historic Schoolhouse, (909) 982-2829 


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