Taking the Dive for Love in Perris

Posted February 12, 2009 in Feature Story

Love is in the air . . . literally, as you and your significant other exit from the open doorway of a twin-engine aircraft that pierces the sky at 13,000 feet above Perris Valley, two-and-a-half miles above ground. One step forward, then the other touches a floorless blue infinity as you’re free-falling to what seems like certain death, until the parachute snaps open and you’ve made landfall safely, kissing the ground madly upon your arrival. All it took was six minutes . . . six minutes of breathtaking daredevilry that would awe most—and you’re ready for more. The Perris Valley Skydiving School happens to offer a Valentine’s Tandem Special at $189 per person (a two-purchase minimum is required prior to a Valentine’s Day jump). And if the idea of hurling yourself from an aircraft scares you, remember that tandem implies one other person besides yourself—i.e., the instructor who comes harnessed to you with each dive. It takes guts, tenacity and certain fearlessness to throw yourself off a plane. What a romantic way to illustrate the heights you’d go to make love happen! (Nancy Powell)


Perris Valley Skydiving School, 2091 Goetz Rd., Perris, (951) 657-1664


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