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CITIES OF ORIGIN: Redlands, Colton, Fontana, Riverside, La Puente

MEMBERS AND INSTRUMENTS: Henry Sanchez (vocals), Mike Reyes (guitar), Anthony Ibarra (guitar), Danny Perez (bass), Edgar Rosas Sanchez (drums)

KINDRED SPIRITS: Look, let’s just make this one easy: If it’s good enough for OzzFest, it’s probably gonna be good enough for these guys.

RECENT RELEASE: Rude Awakening (2008)



Ask your average death metal band to wax poetic on the concept of “blood” and odds are you’ll receive a mile-long convoluted explanation that’ll wind through the travails of some axe-murder scheme, with visions of dripping arteries and aortas—or something of that sort.


Yet, when metal vocalist Henry Sanchez reasons his selection of Sangre, he counters with a far more introspective answer—it carries assigned meaning and it’s enlightening.


“It means blood, and blood is something that unites us all, no matter what race, color, or creed, sex, or religious beliefs,” he says. “We all had different preferences and personalities, but in this band, and with music, you can find a connection, just like the bloodline which connects generations of life.”


Generations of metal Sanchez knows rather well. He founded Sangre ten years ago and he’s seen metal fans, fads and bands come and go. But Sangre’s persistence—which mixes traditional death metal with melodic passages, Spanish guitars and lyrics—has reaped rewards, including shows with Sepultura, Soulfly and God Forbid, regional tours and over a half-million MySpace plays. So what’s the experienced frontman’s secret?


“Promoting,” Sanchez says. “Online and in the streets, more than most other bands! We hit almost every metal show big and small with flyers and demos to pass out, and have gained a reputation for being the hardest working band, not only in the IE, but even LA.”


And one of the hardest rocking bands, too, as evidenced by his recount of a gig in Bullhead City, Ariz. last summer. 


“We played in front of 1,200 crazy metalheads that were going off, moshing, stage diving, rockin’ out to our tunes like never before, it was insane,” Sanchez recalls. “At one point there were like 30 or more people on stage with us, and one by one they were doing dives and backflips off the stage and into the crowd—it was nuts! And, to top it off, after the show they bought every single piece of merch we had. They loved us!” 


Now, that’s a bloody great time.

–Waleed Rashidi


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