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CITIES OF ORIGIN: Crestline, Ontario, Redlands, Santa Monica

MEMBERS AND INSTRUMENTS: Jesse Walters (vocals); Church (guitar); John Ledesma (bass, vocals); Henry Rojas (guitar); Sean Myers (drums)

KINDRED SPIRITS: Whip out your rock hits of the ‘70s and ‘80s—we’re hearin’ a little Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, KISS and even some of The Clash here.

RECENT RELEASE: Against The Grain (2009)


Talk about a clear future: Vizionz guitarist Church says that his band is ready to up the ante. It might’ve started as a handful of dudes jamming some songs, but the Vizionz of the present is looking mighty focused in its outlook: longevity and domination.

“Our goal is to keep making music as long as we can,” he says. “What has changed from day one with Vizionz is, in the beginning it was for fun, and we have now set out to take our music to all four corners of the earth.”

That’s a lofty goal, but Church and company seem determined to make it happen. In fact, their next major step is via the forthcoming release of their album, Against The Grain.

The album’s material, says Church, is “about [the] experiences we have encountered in our lifetime, we all have had some share of hell by living the way we did and these are our tales.”

Recorded in two days in Long Beach, Against The Grain’s title encapsulates the way Vizionz has often gone about its business—doing everything its own way.

“[I’m] not saying we reinvented the wheel or anything,” says Church, “but we know what we want and how we need to get it done. And basically, it’s going to be against the grain of the norm to do what we have to do to bring our music and life stories to the world.”

But for now, they’re still hammering away at the immediate locale, picking up awards from Rock City News for the “Best Inland Empire Band,” and performing at places like the Mission Tobacco Lounge in Riverside. And they’re learning a few things along the way.

“There are several advantages to playing in the Inland Empire,” says Church. “The one that comes across the strongest is, this is our backyard, and most of the fans have known us for quite some time. Thus, we get honest feedback on the music that we would not get in other counties.”

–Waleed Rashidi

Vizionz at Biacci’s, 775 N. Central Ave., Upland, Sat., Feb. 28 with BlowUpDollz, Sundial Project and AlterEgo.


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