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David Mitchell Clark will register as a sex offender for life as part of his guilty plea agreement on charges that he installed spy cameras in the bathrooms of strangers. Eww! The other part of that plea? Nine months in jail and three years probation. Oooh! Creepy as Clark is—investigators who searched his home found digital cameras, antennae, recording equipment and portable digital movie hard (of course) drives—he was also remarkably honest about his motives. He told San Bernardino County sheriff’s investigators last year that he planted a hidden camera in the home of one Rancho Cucamonga resident “because the wife was hot.” 



Little Billy Postmus has locked himself in his room and refused to come out. No matter how hard the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors has tried, Little Billy is staying in his office as San Bernardino County Assessor. Okay, so the supes haven’t really tried very hard. They’ve asked Little Billy for an explanation, scolded him with a censure letter, demanded he resign, threatened formal removal proceedings and cut big farts on their seat cushions and stacked them outside his office door. That last one is generally credited with getting Little Billy to show up for a brief appearance before them in January. When the odor dissipated, however, Little Billy disappeared behind his closed door again. What a stinker! But today the supes begin a new strategy—throwing big money at the problem. They spend $250,000 to hire high-profile attorney John C. Hueston—to build a case against Postmus. Hueston’s got a lot to work with; Little Billy has been criticized by a grand jury for cronyism and a staff that conducted political activities on county time, not to mention a recent arrest for drug violations. Why should Little Billy give a shit about some high-priced lawyer? Maybe because Hueston also prosecuted the case against Kenny-Boy Lay and Jeff Skilling, famously scumbag Enron executives. Skilling is still in prison. Kenny-Boy? Dead. That sound you just heard was Little Billy crapping his pants.



How bad of a boss is Rod Pacheco? More than five dozen prosecutors have left the Riverside County District Attorney’s office since he was elected. But that’s not the worst of it. Press-Enterprise interviews with a half-dozen of the prosecutors indicate that Pacheco’s rigid management style, aggressive charging policy and tough stance on plea agreements is making them miserable. But that’s not the worst of it, either. The loss of nearly 25 percent of the 250-lawyer staff is draining the DA’s office of some of its most experienced talent. Nope, still not the worst. Here’s how bad a boss Rod Pacheco is: when the newspaper asked him for an interview about his management style and the exodus of his staff, Pacheco was “unavailable” to answer for himself—instead, according to the story, “opting to have Assistant District Attorney Bill Mitchell discuss the issues.” That’s a bad boss. Kinda wussy, too.



Exciting news in Barstow, where a group of Texas-based investors are planning to turn 40 acres along Interstate 15 into a resort! Wow! Naturally, the plans aren’t solidified—it being so early in the process and all—but the group’s president hinted at some of the possibilities: a truck stop and hotel complex, an industrial park for off-loading freight, or a casino resort, he said. Oh, wow.



Huell Howser foists his overbearing personality and basset-hound voice on the poor people who show up at the Old Perris Depot hoping to enjoy the rededication of this historic railroad station. As Howser golly-gees his way through a tour of the 1892 depot, the city’s historic Southern Hotel and learns about Perris’ plans to renovate the old bank on the downtown corner of Fourth and D streets, not even the antique steam engine chugging along nearby tracks can drown him out. Howser’s unpolished style was once a nugget of “California’s Gold” his PBS show chronicles, but he seems to get louder and more affected every year. It’s not cute, anymore, Huell. Not cute at all.






Me and my honey spend the night in Palm Springs at the Caliente Tropics Hotel, which is actually a wonderfully restored Polynesian-style motel from the mid-1960s. Part of the fun is soaking up the city’s glory-days ambiance while lounging around the pool beneath various freaky tikis. We read about how the motel built in 1964 by the legendary Ken Kimes, Sr., and was patronized by Elvis, the Rat Pack, Victor Mature and Nancy Sinatra. The brochure ends with something it calls a “Fun Fact:“Ken Kimes, his wife (Sante) and son (Kenny) were the subject of a movie released in 2001, “Like Mother, Like Son,” starring Mary Tyler Moore and Jean Stapleton. Portrayed as a world-class con team, Sante and Kenny are currently incarcerated for murder.”



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