John Gabriel

Posted February 18, 2009 in

So, you thought you were the badass on the playground with that knapsack of cheap magic tricks you bought from the back of a magazine as a squirmy little fourth grader, huh? (Well, because that’s what yours truly once thought.) Then just imagine how totally bitchen master illusionist John Gabriel must feel. The storied magician has appeared on NBC TV specials and performed at Caesars Palace and the Stardust in Vegas, not to mention a massive list of unreal accomplishments that can be found on his website. What you ask? Well, he’s merged a black dog and white dog together to create a Dalmatian (so, he’s a master dog breeder, too?), made a two-ton elephant vanish on stage (ah, that’s not all we wish he’d make disappear), predicted the exact ending of a ball game three days before it happened (think you’re of the gambling type?), double levitated both himself and another girl (now there’s a way to hang with the ladies), used “the slicer” to cut a girl into nine pieces (we’re pretty sure she lived—well, we hope so), submerged himself into 2,000 pounds of water (he’ll be doing this one, his most requested trick, here at the California Theatre), and even squeezed his body into an eight-inch box (we’re still trying to squeeze into our elastic-waist shorts and pants). Yeah, and what have you done lately? That’s what we thought. Come see for yourself this weekend. (George Donovan)


John Gabriel Magic Redefined at the California Theatre of Performing Arts, 468 W. 5th St., San Bernardino, (909) 885-5152; Sat., Feb. 21, 8pm. Tickets $20-$50, available at


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