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Aside from retiring to a desert island, there’s no ideal way to escape the media. The media flows barefaced and unashamed, blasting our senses with images and information, jangling our nerves yet also providing soothing nostalgic longing. Rarely do we think of media in terms of recycling, but in Mediated, now showing at UCR/California Museum of Photography in Riverside through April 4, video artists reprocess found media to create new works that tweak common perceptions. From the moment you enter, Takeshi Murata’s hallucinogenic algorithmic Monster Movie blasts you with its heavy metal soundtrack accompaniment. On a big screen, Bruce Yonemoto’s Sounds Like The Sound of Music reproduces a family classic with a humorous twist. Tracey Moffatt splices patches of filmic romance and catastrophe to produce entirely different ends in Love and Doomed. Danial Nord goes one better with Monument, stacking discarded TV sets that broadcast sweetly ironic never-ending loops of “The End” movie titles. Nord’s Private is a voyeuristic illumination, four shut doors radiated by the glow of classic movie domestic disputes, providing the viewer with familiar voices in an unsettling setting. Kelly Mark’s Kiss is nothing but two TV monitors pushed together, emitting the ambient glow of a porn movie gang bang (note to pervs: you can only see the glow). Antoinette LaFarge + Robert Allen’s video projection Playing the Rapture is a 3D gaming performance piece. YouTube artist Lim’s multifandom Us transports the show into the 21st century and beyond. (Kevin Ausmus)


Mediated at UCR/California Museum of Photography, 3824 Main Street, Riverside, (951) 827-5191, thru April 4;


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