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Posted February 25, 2009 in The Small Screen

I’ve Loved You So Long 
French filmmakers sure have a knack for believing that the expression on an actor’s face can tell you more than a host of CGI effects. They are ACTORS after all, and in I’ve Loved You So Long, first-time director Philippe Claudel trusts Kristin Scott Thomas to do just that (in French, even!). Recently released from prison Juliette (Thomas) has gone to stay with her sister (Elsa Zylberstein), whom she hasn’t seen in years. The sheer human drama of what happens as the two try to reconnect while a gulf of unspoken issues lies between them is allowed to play out slowly and naturally, without contrived drama, and yet remains as moving and heartfelt as only something that feels real can be.


Specials Highlights: Deleted Scenes




Australia goes on and on (and on). Perhaps taken in a two-night mini-series format it would have felt a little more like Gone With the Wind and a little less like . . . an oceanic celluloid. That said, Baz Luhrmann’s epic isn’t all bad. While it centers around the relationship between a British noblewoman (Nicole Kidman, overplaying snooty and brittle at first) who employs The Drover (Hugh Jackman, clearly the sexiest man on the outback) to help her save a cattle ranch after her husband dies, it’s really about Australia’s “Stolen Generations” of half-caste children, embodied here by Nullah (Brandon Walters). 


Specials Highlights: Deleted Scenes (more bonus materials available on the Blu-Ray edition)


Fountains of Wayne—No Better Place: Live in Chicago

Fountains of Wayne anthem “Stacy’s Mom” rings home with 14-year-old boys the way “Hot For Teacher” did back in Van Halen’s glory, and that’s only becomes a Stuckey’s novelty when strewn together with a whole live set of 16 preposterously catchy pop songs. This live concert in Chicago proves these Jersey cats are funny (and perhaps high). The DVD is really just as good as being there—except no skankled nineteensomethings stepping on your toes—with all the hits (“Sink To The Bottom” and “Radiation Vibe”) captured in essence. There are also elusive numbers like “It Must Be Summer” and “I-95” performed acoustically, which makes this an FOW completist’s wet dream.


Specials Highlights: It’s all sort of special, innit? No? Well the acoustic songs then.


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