The Dangerous Summer

Posted March 26, 2009 in Music

At face value, it’s hard to believe that the word “emo” and Ernest Hemingway would ever or should ever cross paths. But peel back the sugary layers of sound crafted by The Dangerous Summer (Hopeless Records) and you’ll see that inside their poppy exterior lies the soul of a lovelorn, tortured human being. Sure, the songs crafted by this Maryland four-piece are void of bull fighting references despite what their name—a nod to Hemingway’s last novel—might suggest. But with sharp guitar lines, bouncy snares and catchy hooks, they manage to write about many of the universal emotions that abound in the works of the eccentric artist. Lines like “everything reminds me of winter/like the drive I took on the night I lost my mind,” might sound a bit overdramatic, but help give a creative oomph to otherwise predictable song structures. And as they ramp up for the release of their new album “Reaching For the Sun” with a national tour, it appears that their fan base also rises.  The band’s ability to draw crowds has earned them a decent spot on the Irvine music festival The Bamboozle Left sharing a bill with Fall Out Boy, The Get Up Kids and more. This week, the band stops at The Wire, a budding all-ages venue in the heart of old towne Upland. Joined by Sparks the Rescue (Fearless Records) and Jersey pop punkers Racing Kites, this show promises a smorgasbord of sing along choruses, unshakable charisma, gratuitously gelled hair and tight pants. (Nate Jackson)


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