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Hey IE Weekly,


Totally love that RadioShack commentary from Jeff Girod. What really is up with that place these days? I remember when RadioShack used to sell tons of those science kits for kids that allowed you to build all sorts of awesome projects. Not sure if they still have those “toys” (they’re not really toys, as they were really quite educational) available, as I haven’t stepped foot in the Shack for ages, but point being is that they’re probably being one-upped by video games and remote-controlled cars. And, for many, RadioShack is where they bought their first computer, the glorious Color Computer (yeah, catchy name) or the TRS-80 (lovingly referred to as a “Trash 80” by those I knew). Ah, those were the days, no?

F. Montania, Rancho Cucamonga


Yeah, those were the days! Sometime back in the day, one of our editors waited ages to get his electronics kit from Radio Shack. See, he actually first went to RadioShack to purchase a 160-In-1 kit that was on sale, only to find out that store had run out of them. They gave him a rain check. His enthusiastic fourth-grade zeal found him dialing the local RadioShack’s number on a daily basis when he came home from school. He got to know the managers and associates quite well! And for a few weeks, they were still out. And he was bummed. Alas, at the end of week three, the store told him to come on down. Now, he not only got the kit, but he got a newer and much-improved version: the 200-In-1! Moral of the story: Well, we forgot, but he’s good with fixing various broken electronics now. That’s worth something, right?  



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