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Alex Jones and Free Society

In the story “Tangled Up in Blue,” [MAR 5, iss. 48] the FEMA Centers act, introduced by Florida rep. Alcee Hastings is incorrectly referred to as HR 465. The Correct bill number is [House Resolution] HR645. I am familiar with a large sector of Alex Jones listeners here, locally. These are a keenly aware, highly informed, innately vigilant group of individuals, who—by the way—I believe to be representative of the Alex Jones audience, nationwide. If not, worldwide.  If it’s true, as President Thomas Jefferson waxed, that information is, indeed, the currency of Democracy, then the Alex Jones audience will be the benefactor of a truly free society, for generations to come.

Thank you for your good work, and for publishing this story.

–Rob Heffelfinger Allentown, PA



Illegal is Illegal, Dude

I wanted to thank you for the “Tangle Up in Blue” feature you did. In the title you mention that “the Marines presence at a DUI checkpoint in Yucca Valley remains fishy . . . but conspiratorial?” I don’t know about the latter, but it certainly is illegal, and it’s great to read an article pointing this out and getting to the bottom of a travesty with such ominous implications. Illegal is illegal, and as a citizen, I prefer to think of the Marines protecting my back, not stabbing it.

–Mark Ebcloth

 Loma Linda



Your cover illustration last week [“Tangled Up in Blue”] was awesome. Is the original for sale?

–Gregg Salmons



Ask the man behind the pencils, Barry Bruner—you can find him at www.barrybruner.com


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