Gram Rabbit

Posted March 12, 2009 in

Six years ago, Gram Rabbit mainstays Jesika von Rabbit and Todd Rutherford were just starry-eyed aspirants, nipping at the heels of an unlikely rock & roll fantasy. You’d run into the Joshua Tree-based twosome at offbeat shows like Sky Saxon & the Seeds and they’d both spout an engagingly ingenuous line of talk about their new psych-electro-country band, but to the jaded rocker’s ear it just seemed like another order of pie in the sky. Wrong. Those wacky kids turned out to be one of Southern California’s most consistently strange and creative underworld forces, and their glistening, atmospheric knack for the groove and sharp observations on pop culture have thrust more than a little high-profile notoriety their way. It’s no wonder: between Von Rabbit’s high-impact bombshell image and Rutherford’s smoldering lysergic intensity, these hep hares have churned out a series of potent, provocative albums and each successive release found them exploring unusual new territory with nary a misstep along the way. Their mixture of desert rapture detachment, chemically expanded perspective and out of this world sonics has taken them to a prime spot at the infamous Coachella music festival, landed songs on network television drama series soundtracks and even inspired their own rabid cult of followers, the Royal Order of Rabbits. Returning tonight to the funky site of their earliest break out and bringing a clutch of new tunes from a forthcoming CD, expect a leapin’, shimmy shakin’ blast of extraterrestrial bunny hop rock like no other (Jonny Whiteside) 


Gram Rabbit, Shadow Mountain Band at Pappy & Harriet’s, 53688 Pioneertown Road, Pioneertown, (760) 365-5956,; Sat., Mar. 14, 7PM; $10


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