Hair Command

By Anna Sachse

Posted April 2, 2009 in Mind Body Spirit

Even though the economy looks like crap, most people would prefer not to look like a crap as a result. But hair, skincare and beauty products can get awfully expensive, and they probably place lower on your “Absolute Necessities” list than food and paying the electric bill. 


Don’t don the paper bag just yet. A few weeks ago, my own ridiculously amazing hair stylist, Beth Martinez of the Bumble and Bumble and Wella salon, Salon Pop, in Long Beach, who has in-laws in Hemet and many friends and clients in Corona and Pomona, sent around a list of beauty tips for tough times. She compiled them with her best friend Dan Martin, a Lancôme celebrity makeup artist who has perfected the pouts of supermodels like Naomi and Gisele. Beth and Dan have kindly allowed me to share 20 of their stylish-yet-affordable words of wisdom. You men might even learn something, or you can simply pass them along to the lovely ladies in your life.


Hair Tips from Beth


1. For folks with coarse, dry hair, a little cocoa butter and oil can do wonders. 


2. Epsom salt helps restructure damaged hair. Mix with warm water and apply after shampooing, cover with a shower cap, heat with a blow dryer, rinse and condition.


3. Skimp on styling products before shampoo and conditioner. Drugstore shampoos and conditioners always have higher levels of surfactant (the stuff that makes it sudsy) and preservatives (for longer shelf life) so they strip color really fast. Garnier in particular seems really drying. And Suave—god, please stay away from Suave.


4. A little goes a long way with most professional product lines, and you can throw a little water in there to make them last even longer. 


5. The more creative and textured your haircut, the more you have to get it trimmed—shags are among the worst. And the same goes for bangs. Side bangs are best if you can’t afford to cut them often.


6. Right now many salons are doing promotions and sending out coupons like crazy. Check websites, MySpace pages, local papers and your mailbox. Or call.


7. The Clairol Nice & Easy Root Touch Up Kit is great for root coverage and won’t mess with what your stylist does next—it’s designed for in-between visits.


8. Block color placement is great if you want something that stands out without having to worry about roots.


9. Invest in a decent blow dryer and flat iron! You pay for the damage from cheap ones later with conditioner and product. Best-kept secret for a cheapo flat iron: Heat Master, available at Sally’s Beauty Supply. 


Skincare & Beauty Tips from Dan


10. Aveeno skincare rocks my world! 


11. Tea tree oil is nature’s best antiseptic—use it for zits too.


12. Mixing aloe vera gel and a couple drops of neroli oil wakes up the skin and makes a great hydrating mask.


13. Sunscreen is a requirement in these times of global warming. My fave is La Roche-Posay.


14. It’s a few extra dollars, but Patricia Wexler M.D. Instant De-Puff Eye Gel really works—thank Giselle for that recommendation.


15. Aquaphor Healing Ointment is heaven on your lips, I swear!


16. Korres Guava Lipstick in Natural Pink is the best always-looks-natural pink lipstick ever. It looks great on every skin tone.


17. My favorite drugstore red lipstick is CoverGirl TruShine Lip Color in Valentine Shine (#475).


18. Revlon ColorStay in black is the best black eyeliner on a budget, and Maybelline Define-A-Lash is the best mascara.


19. L’Oréal True Match and Max Factor Pan Stik are good drugstore foundations.


20. Always wash your face before bed!


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