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CITIES OF ORIGIN: Corona & Orange County


Renae Bryant (words); Jared Schweitzer (bass); Ryan Doria (guitar); Eli DeLuna (drums).

RECENT RELEASE: California Bleeding (On the Rag, 2009)

KINDRED SPIRITS: Naked Aggression, Tilt, Bikini Kill, Black Flag—hardcore the way it should always be.



Over the past decade, All Or Nothing H.C. has been pounding the pavement throughout the States and overseas, gunning down eardrums with its guitar-fueled attack, headed by fiery frontwoman Renae Bryant, who delivers her wares with the sort of magnitude that’d create a field day for the U.S. Geological Survey.

We’d love to say it’s wandering rhetoric or literary embellishment, but the punk band’s latest (and greatest) effort, California Bleeding, effectively squelches doubt that the foursome are scoping its next sonic target, leaving distorted riffs and broken drumsticks in its wake. Understand that this is fierce stuff—handle it like you would a box of live ammo.

And that’s because California Bleeding (which is released on Bryant’s On The Rag label—she also has a ‘zine of the same name) isn’t afraid to explode with the myriad dire issues facing the Golden State. All Or Nothing H.C. has documented the layers of tarnish in rapid-fire succession. With topics touching upon staggering unemployment, abolition of same-sex marriage, eroding human rights and the millions slashed from the Capitol’s education coffers (the band features two teachers), the self-dubbed “positive hardcore” group hammers away at the reality of a state facing monumental obstacles.

Sacramento be damned, All Or Nothing H.C.’s Inland Empire presence is well-established. Performing at local spots, including Back to the Grind, Electric Chair, Angelo’s and the now-defunct Showcase Theatre, the act aims to entertain, empower and develop a substantive difference. Proof positive: The group turned down a sponsorship by a liquor company because they didn’t want to contribute to the ill effects of drinking (addiction, domestic violence). Ethics and self-respect are not lost; upstarts, take notes.

“My advice for all young bands coming up in the IE is to build your following here, help touring bands with shows here, then trade shows with those same bands when you tour,” Bryant says, from a Boston tour stop. “You have to ‘do it yourself’ at first. Basically, it’s like Henry Rollins said, ‘Get in the van.’”


—Waleed Rashidi


All Or Nothing H.C. at Q-Bonkers, 9364 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, (951) 688-4866, Riverside with Funeral Dress, Slow Children, KOC, Fri., 7PM


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