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I am responding to the Thurs., Apr. 23, piece [Issue 3’s “Drug Warriors”] about medical marijuana. Dr. Paul Chabot is a lucky man. He has not had to watch a loved one deal with cancer. Medical marijuana may not be for everybody but why try to force your beliefs on everybody else. Dear Paul, what will you do when one you love is vomiting uncontrollably from chemo?

—Gary Gall



Paul Chabot’s pretense of concern for the community because of his efforts to keep marijuana illegal [Issue 3’s “Drug Warriors”] demonstrates ignorance of reality and a disregard for truth.

Chabot’s claim that pot is a gateway drug responsible for the ruination of far too many of the nation’s youth has no scientific validity. The gateway fiction was debunked by the 1997 Institute of Medicine report on medical marijuana which highlighted the legal status of marijuana as the source of progression to harder drug use . . . The IOM report clearly states that it is “the legal status of marijuana that makes it a gateway drug” because throwing marijuana in with addictive drugs causes kids to come into contact with truly dangerous drugs, and that is the “gateway” to hard drug use.

If Mr. Chabot is truly concerned about a “gateway” to addiction, he should immediately begin working to legalize marijuana to close the prohibition path to dangerous drug use.

—Ralph Givens,

Daly City



Dear Mr. Editor,

I guess honest dissent is only for liberals [re: Issue 3’s Troubletown “Meet the Tax Revolters” cartoon]. Let’s just forget that the founding fathers created a system based on one’s ability to work not to be supported by the federal government. If you are interested in the redistribution of wealth, I would suggest you take out your rose-colored glasses and kiss the nearest unicorn. The government’s responsibility is to create an atmosphere conducive to business. This system has worked well since the inception of our nation; I don’t see any reason to change now! I guess your position is that all “Tea Party” attendees are right-wing radicals. I would suggest you consult history (not the revisionist type) and you’ll see that all great civilizations collapse when they loose sight of their founding principles.

—Joe Buchanan


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