Posted April 9, 2009 in News

Hooray for analog!

I just read Kevin Ausmus’ feature story on your last week’s issue [March 26, issue 51], and I was very pleased to see that Mr. Ausmus still sees a place for the written word and printed media in our future. While it’s true that the Internet and digital media has greatly increased our access to information and hard-to-find literature, as written in the article, our access was possible because a hardcopy survives somewhere.

As a book lover I’ve been told that the love of my life will one day be extinct, something which fills me with dread & defensive stubbornness. E-book, they tell me? The last thing I want to do after spending eight hours on the computer at work is to go home and spend more time on the computer to read a book, or some other electronic device that requires charging & is too dear to allow me to throw it at somebody when I’m mad at them.

I certainly cannot knock on the ease & convenience of modern technology and what modern inventions have enabled us to do. But as Mr. Ausmus mentioned in his article, technology moves quickly and leaves nothing for posterity (anyone remember the ZIP drive?).

 —Chiquita Dineyanti



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