Ryan Chorbagian “Fill Box” Exhibit

Posted April 16, 2009 in

As usual, Bunny Gunner is on the frontlines in the battle to keep the public aware of (and often fall in love with) new and exceptional artists—and they’ve hit the clay pigeon once again with their current show, Fill Box, a premier exhibit by assemblage artist Ryan Chorbagian. Focusing on the discarded items from what could have been any Depression-era year, Chorbagian’s love of the antiquated and of the flashes in time he can create by using it is captured in modestly-sized wooden and tin boxes filled with rusted pulleys, safety pins, clock gears, coils, batteries and pressure valves—often with a saint of some kind inside keeping house. The boxes are sometimes electrified with a single, glowing orange bulb and a pope, as in Fishhook, or by a half-dozen deeper blue bulbs with filaments webbing out their interiors as in Flashbulb. In others boxes, saints and sepia-toned photos are joined by a set of dentures, and on his handmade, fabulously stylish chest Grievous Angel, there is just a single, lonely tooth. The pieces appear to be named more for their encasements than their contents, and this allows the viewer to lay his or her own story over the contents. Chorbagian is steering that story, however, and each box is connected to the others by his obvious enticement with the human imprint we all leave behind. No longer discarded fodder on the long trail of human refuse, these items now tell a complete story—and it’s the story of us all. (Stacy Davies)


Fill Box at Bunny Gunner, 266 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 868-2808; www.bunnygunner.com. Open Tues.–Sat., 10AM–7PM. Thru May 2. Free.


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