To the Max!

Posted April 23, 2009 in

Douglas McCulloh has a picture in mind about the afterlife. His piece Hell tiles together 36 smaller images that include a boy in front of a “Hell” sign, visual mash-ups like George W. Bush with a Hitler ’stache, a drawing of tribesmen boiling people alive and even a cartoon cell of a giant blue monster attacking Homer Simpson. Fittingly, Hell is part of the “Extreme Places” exhibit at the UC Riverside California Museum of Photography. “Extreme Places” is a collection of images that range from grand scale nature to surreal works like Hell as compiled in an international open call. Agina Sedler’s Yosemite Falls captures a viewpoint between two rows of sky-high, snow-drenched trees rolling toward a sheer mountainside, while Frank J. Zgonic’s Bikers features bicyclists racing through a desert landscape with shrub-covered mountains before them and ominously dark storm clouds at their heels. Offering a social message, Matt Nabors’ untitled piece utilizes the dark silhouette of pollution-spouting oil refineries as the backdrop for wind energy turbines on crisp green grass. Other noteworthy pix include Joe DiGregorio’s orange-bleached image of Lake Abiquiu, Jim Belsley’s frozen-over communications tower and Orna Wertman’s decaying jumbo jet sitting in shambles on what appears to be a deserted beach. These images, and dozens more like them, make up the “Extreme Places” exhibit, which runs through the end of May. 


Extreme Places exhibit at the UCR/CMP Digital Studio Gallery, 3824 Main St., Riverside, (951) 784-FOTO, Thru May 30. Tues-Sat, noon-5PM; $3 


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