Drag Me to Hell

Posted May 28, 2009 in Film

Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is the sweetest, humblest, boring-est girl on the planet—a timid blonde (and former chubby farm girl) who dreams of nothing grander than impressing her boyfriend (Justin Long) and his parents with the most modest of promotions: Getting the assistant manager job at a small branch of the Wilshire Pacific bank. This is not the stuff of high drama, unless you’re Sam Raimi and trust that your audience will delight in seeing how many disgusting things you can splash into Christine’s mouth. Drag Me to Hell is incredibly simple and incredibly fun—its spark comes from contrasting Christine’s banality against the black demon goat unleashed on her by a gypsy witch furious that her house has been repossessed. (Yes, this is the first horror flick of the mortgage crisis.) This is great pulp and Lohman is game for everything. She makes a hilariously pitiable victim and a credible forged heroine; when a psychic (Dileep Rao) advises an animal sacrifice, we know she’ll tremble—she’s a vegetarian—but we also keep a watchful eye on her kitten.


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