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Upland, Claremont, L.A., Montclair


Jason Engols (lead guitar); Drew Petropoulos (bass); Josh Durante AKA The Roach (drums); Robb Burke (rhythm guitar); Jimi Thomas (vocals).


Burly East Coast hardcore breakdowns slam dance into blistering thrash metal tyranny with a walloping jolt—and then unexpectedly gives it a snug melodic hug.


The Veil Between EP (2009)


Six years ago, Southern California hip-hop/pop crossovers Black Eyed Peas struck it huge with their single, “Where Is the Love?” The chorus’ question rang through stereos and televisions, imprinting such profound inquiry into the minds of the masses. Well, we’ve been able to unearth an answer in the unlikeliest of guises: a slammin‘ metal outfit from the Inland Empire. And though descriptors like “love” aren’t typically ascribed to bands of this ilk, The Veil Between surely know infatuation when they experience it.

In fact, over the course of the interview drummer Josh Durante used the word “love” no less than nine times, largely in expressing his gratification towards the local scene, venues, fans and bands. Granted, The Veil Between’s compositions are more aurally akin to the discharge of a federally-banned assault rifle than any sappy serenade. But, get them to respond to a few questions about their hometown or music, and the cupid’s arrow is the only thing they’re firing away.

Yet, that’s totally the point of The Veil Between. Their modus operandi is one of contrasts and extremes. The band’s sonic juxtaposition of heavy yet melodic, thrashy yet tight and aggressive yet subdued even made it tough just selecting a band name. However, as Durante revealed, “we were that veil between all these dualities. We immediately fell in love with the name and since we are all very philosophical and spiritual in the band, it also meant for us the veil between lots of life’s dualities . . . and we realized that The Veil Between is where everything is balanced and perfect.”

And perfection’s coming closer for TVB since releasing a self-titled EP earlier this year. In fact, they’re getting ready to embark on a six-week West Coast summer tour and will also be performing at the San Francisco Tattoo Convention. Plus, they’re getting more amor on X103.9’s “Extreme X” show (and they’re one of the hopefuls for the fifth annual Inland Empire Music Awards).

“This is just the beginning,” says Durante. “We are going to continue to do what we love to do and infect the populace with the sounds of The Veil Between. Where we go from here is up to you!”


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