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Dear Editor,


I wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I enjoy reading IE Weekly.  I grew up in the IE but have since moved away to attend school out of state.  Reading the IE Weekly allows me to stay connected to the place I know as home.


Thank you for the bang-up job and keep it up.


Jim Salas

Tempe, Ariz.





Dear Mr. Hernandez,


I just finished reading the article “Commission Impossible” [from Issue 3] by Kevin Ausmus. That article was GREAT! I am impressed with the level of detail and the ability of Mr. Ausmus to present a somewhat complicated issue clearly and strongly. Citizen review of law enforcement, especially Officer Involved Deaths, is essential if we are to have the level of trust between communities and police departments that we want in a civil society.  But we won’t get this oversight without fighting for it!  


Linda Dunn

Riverside Coalition for Police Accountability


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