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How does the matrimonial bond weather the tragedy of a premature death in the family? It is a topic David Lindsay-Abaire tackled head-on in his 2007 Pulitzer Prize winning tear-jerker Rabbit Hole, currently in production by the Riverside Community Players. Becca and Howie Corbett are living the perfect lives, until the accidental killing of their 4-year old son shatters it all. The Corbetts are left to deal with the aftermath, and they struggle to find closure both within their family circle (which includes Becca’s mother Nat and sister Izzie) and with Jason, the man responsible for the tragedy. It is in the third act that we finally gain insight as to the meaning of the “rabbit hole.” It is a window to a parallel universe that Jason concocts and shares with Becca. Joe Musil directs the Inland Empire premiere, with Sharon Kuhn starring as Becca and Adam Demerath inhabiting the role of Howie. Demerath received the 2007-2008 Scotty Award as Best Director for Something In The Air. Pat McQuillan, 2007 winner of the Inland Theater League, turns in a strong performance as Nat. The Rabbit Hole doesn’t end with any illusion of Wonderland. Instead, people are stripped down to their primary core. But what remains is that glimmer of hope, however distant and faint. As painful the subject of death and suicide are to any family member, it is this brutal honesty and raw emotion that makes Rabbit Hole so compelling to watch.


Rabbit Hole, Riverside Community Players, 4026 Fourteenth St., Riverside, (951) 686-4030, www.riversidecommunityplayers.com; Fri., May 29, 8PM; MAY 30, 2PM, 8PM; Sun., May 31, 2PM, $15.


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