Repo! The Genetic Opera

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Do we have another Rocky Horror Picture Show on our hands? Only time will tell, but Repo! The Genetic Opera has already gone from box office flop to underground cult fave in just six months. It started when the filmmakers took Repo! on a national viewing tour, and it packed movie houses faster than a Batman sequel. A U.K. tour followed, and now Repo! has become the IT title for the midnight movie subculture. The gory sci-fi musical begins with an organ failure epidemic in 2056 and a biotech company that emerges to offer transplants at a fat premium. When people get behind on their payments, the company sends out a Repo Man to reclaim the organs. The story itself centers on Shilo Wallace, a young teen played by Alexa Vegas (of the Spy Kids trilogy) who weaves her way through the biotech-Repo maze while suffering from her own physical ailments. The cast ranges from celebrated actors like Paul Sorvino to sex tape star Paris Hilton, and since it’s a goth-punk musical, throw in British soprano Sarah Brightman, Skinny Puppy’s Ogre and a dude that plays in Buckethead’s band. Naturally, there are also some twisted musical minds behind the score, including Joan Jett, Filter’s Robert Patrick, Jane’s Addiction’s Stephen Perkins and Slipknot’s Clown. Considering the film is already on DVD, fans know enough to give Repo! the full Rocky Horror treatment with ticket holders dressing up as characters, reciting popular dialogue and re-enacting scenes.


Repo! The Genetic Opera at the UltraStar University Village 10, 1201 A University Ave, Riverside,, May 8-9 at midnight; $10. 


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