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A summer without water is like Celebrity Rehab without Dr. Drew—ya can’t have one without the other. And considering the IE’s known for mercury spikes in the triple-digits, we can’t imagine you’d enjoy the ultra-hottest part of the year without a swim, a horseplay-soaked game of Marco Polo or grabbing a rod and reel and going after the one that got away. Here’s a rundown of some of the region’s must-check-out bodies of water. We insist: Go jump in a lake.



This lake is best suited for watersports—rev up the Sea-Doo and strap on the life vest because it’s time to party Lake Elsinore style. Don’t be surprised when you realize you’ve just enjoyed a full day of splishin‘ and splashin‘. It can and has been done!

Lake Elsinore, 130 South Main St., (951) 674-7730, Daily Lake Pass $10. 

www.visitlakeelsinore.com, www.lakeelsinoremarina.com.



Who knew you could do all this in one camping trip. You name it, Perris has got it – from hiking, horseback riding and bicycling to boating, fishing, scuba diving and kayaking, your camping adventurer start here.

Lake Perris, 17801 Lake Perris Dr., Perris, (951) 940-5600; www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=651.



Nature trails, wind surfing, fishing and bird watching will bring you as one with the environment. If you’re craving some enviro-friendly fun, Silverwood  is the place to bring your Kashi Cereal and organic trail mix. 

14651 Cedar Circle, Hesperia, (760) 389-2303; www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=650.



For a small lake, Puddingstone has some bite. Just make sure to bring the right bait. With great picnic spots and a nice view, you’ll be able to catch that tasty bass and grill it before the sun sets.

Puddingstone Lake at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, 120 Via Verde Park Road, San Dimas, (909) 599-8411; www.lacountyparks.org.



Although, those pesky zebra mussels have caused Diamond Valley Lake officials to suspend private boat launches, you can still enjoy a day of fishing off the shoreline or why not try renting one of their boats? Don’t be surprised if a trophy fish snaps!!

Diamond Valley Lake, (951) 926-7201 (marina), (800) 590-LAKE; www.dvlake.com.



A winter wonderland or summertime easy livin’? Big Bear offers both. From great skiing to relaxing in your fishing boat, this lake offers Goliath-size fish, woodsy campsites, spectacular views and some kumbaya for friends and family. 

Big Bear Lake Association, 630 Barlett Road, Big Bear Lake, 800-4-Big-Bear, www.bigbearinfo.com.



Slip and slide at Lake Gregory because this is one of the few lakes around with a great water park. After, your body has skidded down enough water slides, light the barbeque for that fresh fish ready to be grilled.

Lake Gregory, 24171 Lake Drive P.O. Box 656, Crestline, (909) 338-2233, www.co.san-bernardino.ca.us/parks/lake.htm.



Considered party lake—think a miniature version of Havasu—you’ve technically got to get an invitation to frolic here since the reservoir is surrounded by the gated community named for the lake. However, once you’re in, there’s all the boating and fishing to be had. Oh, and did we mention the killer water boarding and water skiing?

Canyon Lake Property Owners Association, 31512 Railroad Canyon Road, Canyon Lake, (951) 244-6841; www.canyonlakepoa.com.


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