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Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Fontana


Tom Dodd (vocals, guitar); DJ Alverson (guitar, vocals); Mike Wood (bass, vocals); Todd Trent (drums, vocals)


“AC/DC had a baby with Lynyrd Skynyrd,” they say, and we couldn’t have put it any better ourselves.

Body Shots (2007)


Let’s take inventory here: You’re reading the Inland Empire Weekly and we’re supposed to be that omniscient, omnipresent guide to all life due east of the Orange Freeway. But when a band like Trash Daddy rolls around with poignant lyrics that fast reveal how to live la vida loca, IE-style, well, we smell defeat.

“With references to trailer parks, ‘special’ women, Yucaipa, honky tonk bars, we are the Inland Empire,” drummer Todd Trent boasts.

Trent later adds that his band “brings the trailer park into the bar every night.” Well, almost every night, as Trash Daddy has embarked on a year-long, weekend warrior trek called the “Redneck Rockstar Tour,” featuring friends Two Buck Chuck and Pistols & Pesos. “We roll into a club, take it over for the night and leave [them] cowering in the corner when we leave,” Trent notes. “They get over it when they discover the empty bar and full cash register!”

But it ain’t always small watering holes and weekend jaunts, as the act’s shared bills with major cats, including Cheap Trick, David Lee Roth and the Supersuckers. They’ve been invited back to perform at venues by popular demand and had people strike future invites, too. “When we got to Salt Lake City, they just didn’t know what to expect,” says Trent, who has worked in the music biz for some three decades. “Let’s just say that by the time we left, they were happy to see us go.”

Or there’s Yucaipa too, for which the song ‘Banned in Yucaipa’ was born. “It tells the entire story,” Trent adds. (It’ll be a part of their next album arriving later this year.)

Regardless of the gig, Trent says that Trash Daddy’s live act has sported dressed women dancing on the stage and drunk sing-alongs. And if you think that T.D.’s rabid fanbase ends at the Imperial County line, guess again. “All bands have what they call their dedicated fans, but we have one woman in Chicago who tattooed our logo on her ass,” says Trent. “We were so proud of this that we put it on our last CD cover!”

Trash Daddy at Liam’s, 1087 S. Mount Vernon Ave., Colton, (909) 422-9900;; Sat, 9PM.


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