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I dug your Cycledelics story [Issue 9’s “A Long Strange Trip” cover feature]. As an avid cyclist who has ventured out to L.A. in search of like-minded bikers, it’s cool to see this passion is shared by others closer to home. Keep up the good work!

—T. Mayorga, former Riversider 


Why you gotta go out to L.A. to pump your pedals? There’s always room for one more here. Hey, Cycledelics, got room for one more who’s Schwinn it to win it?



I was reading a few local articles online this morning and decided to read the article [Issue 11’s “Mind.Body.Spirit” column] “Heavy Drinking.” I was shocked by the first sentence [“…’tis officially the season to get fucked up.”], read it several times and even got out my magnifying glass to make sure I was seeing the word I was seeing. I took a screen shot of the page and am attaching it to this email. I hope that some type of action will be taken in regards to this. It’s bad enough that it’s used by many actors who influence our young people, but then to see it in print in a local newspaper; I just don’t think it’s right.

—Georgene Blair, Chino


Ya might want to do your homework first. Exhibit A, this excerpt from, www.dictionary.com

Summer (noun) A) a period of hot, usually sunny weather. B) the season to get fucked up.


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