Bill Engvall

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As far as resumes are concerned Bill Engvall is not your average comedian. He’s released 8 comedy albums, acted and performed in movies, written an autobiography and several books, produced and starred in a hit TBS network show with his name in the freaking title (The Bill Engvall Show) and pretty much reached the heights of redneck rock star status for his participation in the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” featuring the biggest names in heartland humor. How has he achieved all this, you ask? By being average in pretty much every other aspect of his life. Most comedians might use the word “act” when describing their 30-45 minutes on stage fishing for belly laughs but in Engvall’s case, that word just doesn’t seem to fit. He’s just a little too natural. He’s kind of like the married neighbor with kids mowing his lawn across the street from you, only funnier. And in the comedy world, that apparently translates into gold, and platinum too if you count his first comedy album, Here’s Your Sign, which achieved such status when Engvall first hit his stride in 1996. Since then, he’s continued to tour relentlessly, bringing a southern fried mixture of family humor and frustrated adult observations to crowds that thirst for the man who’s made a lifetime career out of being “just a guy.”


Bill Engvall performs at The California Theater, 562 W. 4th St., San Bernardino, (909) 386-7361, Fri. June 26, 8PM. $45-$99. All ages.


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