Blink! Comedy Magic Show

Posted June 25, 2009 in

Want your David Copperfield with a bit of comedy? Or perhaps your Houdini with a dose of humor? Well, then the BLiNK! comedy magic show at the Tibbies Center Stage in Fontana might be the potent package of prestidigitation and play you’ve been pontificating. Hosted by TV and stage conjurer Chris Mitchell—who performed twice at the White House (“Hey, buddy, can ya make these waterboard memos disappear?”)—BliNK! brings several acts  to the stage during this special two-night-only engagement, including “The Magic of Jade,” an Asian-flavored set of traditional and modern styles of magic and tricks by Canadian magic-makers Murray Hatfield and Teresa—who were honored earlier this year by the Canadian Association of the Magicians as “Canadian Magicians of the Year”—proof positive that The Great White North takes its abracadabra pretty seriously. Also part of the set will be Christopher Hart, whose claim to fame revolves around a certain appendage, ahem . . .  his hand, which he used to play the part of “Thing” in the Addams Family movies(!) Eye rubbing magic? Check. Belly aching laughs. Check. If you’ve ever wanted a taste of top-tier sleight-of-hand and never-ending sleeves like audiences in Vegas, Atlantic City and New York have enjoyed for years, then you might want to David Blaine yourself a couple of tickets for this show. It’s here for one weekend only, June 26 and June 27, then—poof!—it’s gone.


BliNK! at Tibbies Center Stage Theatre, 8463 Sierra Ave., Fontana, (909) 429-SHOW,, $59.95 for adults, $54.95 for senior & veterans, $31.95 children 12 and under; $28 general admission (no dinner, show only).



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