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Posted July 16, 2009 in Feature Story

Julie Lester is another Inland Empire tattoo artist that isn’t worried about the recession. “We might be one of those under-the-belly type businesses, like bars,” she says, pointing out that the way the economy’s tanked hasn’t really affected business at Another Twilight Fantasy, Riverside’s custom tattoo shop. “People might not be able to make their car or credit card payments, but they can afford their tattoos.”


Lester, a Florida native has been tattooing at this shop for over seven years, isn’t shy about proclaiming love for her workplace. “I just love working at Another Twilight Fantasy because of the people that I meet,” she says.


Though she has been schooled on most tattoo styles, Lester is best known for her vivid black and gray realism. Lester said one of the best parts of her work is making that personal connection with her clients. “I’ve tattooed people from all walks of life, from blue-collared workers to surgeons, and everyone in between.”


Lester also says her ink-slinging ways also give her a chance to give back to the community. “Like, for instance, last year we had a very successful food drive, which made me proud,” she comments.


A tattoo artist who’s also a good deed-doer? Helping the less fortunate is how they roll here.


On Sat., July 18, A Twilight Fantasy is hosting a benefit for a friend of the shop. “One of my sister’s best friends, Ashley Mejia, was in a car accident, and now she’s in a coma,” Lester explains. “I’ve known this kid since she was 12, and she’s 20 now. She’s a big part of my life.”


Tattoos for charity will be the name of the game. For a minimum donation of $20, people will  get to chose from a set of small designs, such as skulls, flowers and  hearts.


“It’s going to be simple, but as detailed as you want it to be,” Lester says. “So we’re hoping to see lots of people out there. Come out for a good cause and get tatted!”


Another Twilight Fantasy, 5517 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside, (951) 688-8282,


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