Six Feet Under

Posted July 16, 2009 in Feature Story

Although Corey Miller has been commuting daily to Hollywood in recent weeks, due to his role in the popular tattoo reality television series LA Ink, there’s no question that this owner of Upland-based Six Feet Under is still a tattooing fixture in the Inland Empire.

With the LA Ink filming schedule, Miller’s been putting in 12-hour days—a change for the Ontario-based artist, who otherwise drives five minutes to work. But know one thing: It’s been worth every mile, as Miller’s shop—and consequently, downtown Upland—has received massive, international exposure that virtually no other tattoo shop in the region has attained.

Miller launched his business with Optic Overdrive in 1991. A few years later came Six Feet Under, opening up the current downtown location in 1997. “I’ve been in Upland forever,” Miller says. “I just loved downtown. I like the vibe down there.”

Six Feet Under kept a low profile until three days before the show filmed at its location. “I had ‘Upland Art Company’ written on the windows and it looked like one of the old art stores,” says Miller. “We were so proud of our underground status. When the TV show came out, we thought, let’s not be foolish. And I’m so glad because there have been numerous times in the last two years that have shown not only my shop but the historic downtown Upland area.” He adds that he’s grateful for the television experience he’s had thus far.

Miller staffed his shop with who he deems are some of the best in the biz.

“I’m really lucky to have guys that came around that really care about the shop,” he says. “They’re really trustworthy dudes. Bottom line, Six Feet Under is my shop and that’s where I’m going to end up—pardon the pun—but that’s my baby.” (Waleed Rashidi)

Six Feet Under, 116 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, (909) 949-0157,


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