Fortune Hunters

By Anna Sachse

Posted July 23, 2009 in Mind Body Spirit

So, you really want to know if that hot co-worker is ever going to ask you out, and, if so, will it simply be a fling or are you going to fall in love, get married, and have lots of babies. Or perhaps you want to know if you will ever be rich enough to own both a yacht and an airplane. Or maybe you just want to be sure that you will live past age 40.


Well, you could always read your horoscope in the paper or online, but who wants those packaged predictions? Not only is that advice brief, it suggests the exact same fortune and fate for millions of folks. You want a palm reader or a tarot card reader—can’t argue with the lines on your hands or the cards on the table, right?


I’m only going to put up a little bit of a fight. On the one hand, I both own a tarot card set (Sacred Path cards, based on Native American spiritual beliefs) and actually made my own set out of cardboard and pictures from magazines. I also own a set of runes (based on an ancient Germanic alphabet, used for divination and magic), I’ve had my astrological chart done, and my mom has been known to channel.


On the other hand, the last time I paid attention to any of this stuff was in high school. And, as I’ve mentioned before in this column, when I was in the second grade, an ethically-questionable palm reader at one of my elementary school “Fun Nights” informed me that I was going to die at the age of 60. I suppose I will have to wait another 28 years to see if she was right, but in the meantime, it still pisses me off. 


In summary, who knows if palmistry (a.k.a. chiromancy) and tarot, as well as any other practices linked with mysticism and the occult (runes, numerology, astrology, I Ching, psychics, etc.), are just a bunch of bullshit. Regardless, they can be a lot of fun and perhaps, by sitting down and putting energy into thinking about your goals and desires for the future, you might be inspired to take positive action and make these things happen for yourself.


That said, going to a “professional” reader can be costly, and there’s no perfect way of judging if they are qualified or a fake. Luckily, I’ve consulted the cards and they’ve helped me come up with these tips to help ensure you don’t get hosed.


1. Don’t make any sudden, major financial, relationship, health, etc. decisions based on what you hear. Major decisions deserve a lot of thought, time and corroborating evidence.


2. Don’t EVER call a hotline and pay by the minute. They have no idea who you are and are pretty much just going to tell you what you want to hear.


3. Anyone who tells you they found signs of the “evil eye” or a curse on you and offers to remove it for a fee is a fake. 


4. Be wary of anyone who outright “promises” you anything. 


5. See if one of your friends can recommend anybody and/or do a little research. Check out their website and then Google their name to see if you can find any commentary. 


6. Your chances of getting someone who might actually have some skills are greater if the mystic only claims to be an expert in a couple fields i.e. only tarot and palm, but not auras, crystals and vibrations, too.


7. Save your money and just do a reading for yourself. There are plenty of books and online resources out there that make it easy. 


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