Action 45

Posted July 23, 2009 in Music


Claremont, Pomona, Hollywood

Jake Lush (guitars); Deuce X. Machina (vocals); Johny Vile (drums); Christopher Plank (bass).

The band’s raised on a diet of Stiff Little Fingers, the Dead Boys, Bad Religion, The Clash, Les Claypool and some classic Beatles movie that we’ve never heard of. 


All the Rage (2008)



Digesting the backgrounds of Action 45’s members is no easy feat. The rockin‘ quartet features musicians with resumes that aren’t just long, but diverse and respectable. For instance, drummer Johny Vile started with the Steps and Million-Six, and then joined the Groovie Ghoulies. Both Johny and guitarist Jake Lush played in the White Trash Debutantes. Vocalist Deuce X. Machina launched his career with the grungers Gods Among Men, then found himself on guitar in Seattle goths Murder of Crows, and previously in SoCal industrial project Division Six. Meanwhile, bassist Chris Plank started with Jihadist. Got that? Pop quiz in five minutes.


The band’s already opened for punk vets Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange and the Angry Samoans. They’ve also been tapped to entertain parties, too. “We were booked for a ‘white trash party’ out in the Valley,” Machina recalls. “People dressed up in fake mullets and wife-beater T-shirts, serving up hot spam and Velveeta sandwiches and PBRs. We were quite at home, come to think of it.”


Action 45’s home can also be found at local venues, including Characters, The Press and the Black Watch Pub. They’ve even hit a few shows in Las Vegas, which, according to Machina, turned out great. Just how great? “You’re not really supposed to tell your Las Vegas stories, are you?” he asks.

At least he offers an Orange County tale: “We remember a guy when we played at the Tropics Lounge who had never seen the band before. He told Chris, ‘Hey man, that part that goes nanana-na-na-nanana? Yeah, that song totally rocks!’ It was classic, he was so into it but had no idea what song it was—and we didn’t either! We offered him a free CD but he demanded to pay. Great guy.”


Action 45 hits the Black Watch Pub in Upland July 31, and there’s an incentive: “If you come down and mention this IE Weekly article, we’ll give you a free copy of our CD, All The Rage,” says Machina. Start learning your lines.


Action 45 Fri., July 24, in-store appearance at Rhino Records, 235 Yale Ave, Claremont, (909) 626-7774, 8PM, all ages. Free.


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