Mothers of Gut

Posted July 2, 2009 in Music




Aaron Freeman (guitar, keyboards, vocals); Ryan Beal (guitar, keyboards); Sergio Camarena (bass); Adrian Laguna (drums)


Turkish and German (Kraut) rock, Bollywood films, drony-doomy minimalism (e.g. Earth), Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti westerns, space, color, time, texture, sculpture, feeling. 


It’s OK if you haven’t heard Selda Bagcan, Ash Ra Tempel or the music of eastern Africa featured on the Ethiopiques compilations. Granted, you may be missing out on some of the finest sounds in the universe, but fortunately there are folks like Mothers of Gut primary songwriter/founder/frontman Aaron Freeman who are keeping their radars fine-tuned for whatever sonic blips appear on their screens.

“The biggest part about being a musician for me is actively listening to everything I can get my hands on,” Freeman says. “I don’t really consider myself someone who thinks too much outside the box, so I’ve figured out that if I just make my box really big, I can make up for it.”

He’s more than simply made up for it. In fact, Freeman’s created a whole new box for his wares, of which construction began some four years ago under the name Pegasissy. Freeman notes that the music was meant to help him reconcile his love for minimalism, folk, experimental noise and ambient music. “I used loopers, reverb, delay, phasers, found sounds, etcetera, but mostly I worked with acoustic guitar and wrote somewhat palatable folk and pop tunes to serve as conduits for my more experimental side.”

Last year, Freeman gained the backing of a drummer, bassist and an auxiliary guitarist (who also appear in brilliant outfits Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound and Norse Horse) and found his material embracing everything “from gothic industrial nods to Kraut-beats, drum pads and desert blues rock.” Enter Mothers of Gut.

Freeman says that performing with others made his musical life less stressful and found him relinquishing some musical direction. “For my type of personality, it’s relaxing to have that kind of support,” he adds.

Mothers of Gut—and their world of influences—will be in the desert this weekend for an intimate DIY show, featuring JMTSS, Voice on Tape and other greats. “The event is free and all ages, and will run from dusk to dawn,” Freeman notes, “so I encourage everybody to visit our page for directions and info regarding safety issues.”


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