Posted July 16, 2009 in News

Stark Raving Mad 

Hello! I was wondering since Redlands has stripped Pharaoh’s of its permit and can no longer have raves, which your rag so aggressively endorses, I was wondering: Can my kids head over to your house to peddle and ingest their designer drugs and be kidnapped, stabbed and assaulted in other various ways while under the influence?



High on Ecstasy and loving every, safe minute of it. Long live Timothy Leary! Yah mahn! Peace out!


Eli Goodspeed


Actually, we don’t endorse taking designer drugs at raves. All mind-expanding substances should be enjoyed safely in the comfort of your nearest, totally legit, all-permits-in-place nightclub. But if you really want to drop some E-bombs over at our pad, come on over. We’ll leave a glowstick out for you.


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