Grin and Bare It!

Posted July 30, 2009 in

The working class stiffs who made 1998’s The Full Monty Academy Award-worthy are dropping their drawers again, albeit in another (and slightly more relevant) time and place. Rather than the industrial suburbs of Manchester, England, we segue into equally dismal Buffalo, New York, which, unfortunately, ranks as the second poorest city in these humble United States and thus the perfect launching point for this tale of strip-teasing underdogs. Allen Everman plays the lead role of Jerry Lukowski, the unemployed average Joe who hatches the scheme as a way to catch up on child support after a touring male “Chippendales” outfit becomes a sensation with local housewives. He goes out and recruits five unassuming locals, who are played by Peter Coles as Noah “Horse” T. Simmons, Lois Pardo as Malcolm Macgregor, Kelly Roberts as Harold Nichols, Topher Mauerhan as Dave Bukatinksky and Wesley Sellick as Buddy “Keno” Walsh. Director John LaLonde guides us through their trials and tribulations, their insecurities as they train and hone their new skills in secrecy and to their final triumph over their dire circumstances. Be prepared to strip down to bare emotions, as this anthem for our times will bring more than the occasional smile to your face. As if hardships could be eliminated by a simple drop of the proverbial hat (or in this case, pants). Now’s the time to let it all hang out! (Nancy Powell)

The Full Monty opens Fri, July 31, thru Sept. 20 at the Candlelight Pavilion, 455 Foothill Blvd., Claremont, (909) 626-3296; Tickets (dinner and a show) $48-$75.


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